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United States
This dashing Pegasus pony exists solely in the tubes of the interweb. He is rarely seen directly, but his presence is naturally recorded - as is the way of the interweb.
One can follow Mattatatta's day-to-day musings and activities by monitoring his favourite places to share information: FimFiction, deviantArt, and Tumblr. This digital entity has also been known to leave comments on EqD and Derpibooru, the latter of which he seemingly never leaves except to go home and sleep.
Mattatatta's residence in the vast world of the interweb is unknown, though it is theorised he has a hay pile in his metaphoric apartment in Tumblr. He often shares in Tumblr that that he frequently "hits the hay" at the early hours of the morning. It is unknown if this is actually a euphemism for something much more questionable or not.
Somewhere in his rapid, but limited scope of movements across the tubes, Mattatatta finds the time to write pony fanfiction, create pony fanart, and play a variety of games. If you see a Mattatatta on Team Fortress 2, he is most definitely not a spy. Unless it really is Mattatatta playing as a Spy, which is different.
Overall, Mattatatta is considered to be an introverted entity, living in an extroverted world. Without a Cutie Mark of his own, nopony knows what Mattatatta's true destiny is, but the pony doesn't mind. When the world he lives in cares more for his simple mug shot than a picture of his posterior, when his variety of minor talents bring him enough simple pleasures to sustain himself; this pony can afford to try anything his heart desires, and wait for his mark to finally appear.
The next chapter of the audio adaptation of Survivor Shy is out now! Finish Line and IMShadow007 created a wonderful instalment, and I hope you lot give it a listen! Be sure to check out the first chapter of the audiobook if you haven't already!

First chapter in case you missed it:…

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Prince-Dragonix Apr 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
I gotta say, I really like some of your work, here... :)
Mattatatta Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I haven't been as active as I would like to be, but hopefully this will change soon enough
Hi! Could you let me make a PC game based on your Survivor Shy fic? It will be almost in style of "the last of us". Please reply...
Hi! I impressed with your "Survivor Shy" fiction and atmosphere of drawings! Could you let me make a PC game based on it? It will almost in style of "the last of us". Contact me if you want know more, my e-mail:
Cider-Crave Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Has the story recently been on hiatus or has it been that way for a while because it's hard finding inspiration? I really wanna jump into this story because it looks downright fantastic, but I don't wanna be disappointed if I get to the most recent chapter and you decide to cancel. As disappointing as that would be, I'd just like to know ahead of time. 
Mattatatta Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I went into hiatus mid December 2013 to assist someone in their project. My work has not yet been completed in that area, but is starting to wind down. I will resume writing and illustrating this fic once my responsibilities have been fulfilled. There is no chance of me leaving this story to sink. I have been brimming with ideas the whole time - even before the hiatus - and I'm eager to leap back into the next chapter and resume where I left off.
Cider-Crave Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thank you kindly or the info. Now to dive into this story! :3
NikolaiSirone Jan 7, 2014  Student General Artist
no soy un fan de las litle pony pero tu historia me encanta
Mattatatta Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not very good with Spanish, but thanks and gracias. I'm glad you like the story!
(Ignore this line if you haven't seen this before, i'm sorry if i'm annoying you, it's just that i'm really starving for an answer)

Hello, Mat. It's been a long time...

You propably don't know me, i'm a GTAForums member and an active DYOM designer for over a year now, when i stumbled upon your blog and works of art i was astonished when i finally discovered that the legendary Mattatatta is still there.
Well, a lot has happend throughout the years, lots of new comers, DYOM V7 release (which includes moving cutscenes, ability to add sounds, custom ammo count, and a lot more), GTAF V2 upgrade, and many senior members retiring...

I was kinda sad when i discovered that you left with no goodbyes, and when i found this.. i was happy that we could contact you, we really like to hear from you again, maybe check back into GTAF and give us the news, or maybe even.. comeback.. it's ok if you don't want to but at least we'd like a satisfying response to this message, you wouldn't realize how much the community has deteriorated, a word from you would really brighten up the place.
Thanks for reading, i'd be glad if you actually respond soon.
Thanks again.
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