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Festive Pippywish by Mattatatta
Festive Pippywish
She's ringing her bell to spread good cheer! Just 'cause it isn't Hearth's Warming Day doesn't mean we can't be cheerful and joyful the whole year through!

Tried a new shading technique to go with my usual 'clean' style. I'm thinking of trying out different styles and techniques in the future to see what I could do other than what I'm comfortable with.
(Destiny) This Is What Loss Feels Like by Mattatatta
(Destiny) This Is What Loss Feels Like
And in the closing weeks of the year, I quietly finish my last piece for an artbook for Destiny: A Tale of Unicorn Wings, an album composed entirely by HeyLasFas.

The year has not been very good to me for maintaining motivation and good cheer. Completing this project, however, has lifted my spirits. I started to really enjoy working on this last piece, because things just started to slide together and fit, and it started to feel like those times I'd draw something whilst running purely on inspiration because I should've been asleep hours ago. The project itself was something that has definitely impacted my life in a positive way, it's just typical that real life decided to nose-dive at the same time.

I want to apologise to everyone who has been waiting for my role in the project to finally meet its end. I've taken far longer than I wanted to to create the Destiny artwork you see throughout my dA gallery, and I appreciate your patience. I also want to thank you for sticking with me and showing your support whilst I was trying to balance drawing with dealing with real-life problems.

As far as I know, Heylasfas still has some preorder copies of Destiny left. And since my work is pretty much complete, the physical album shall be off to production in the coming weeks. And will probably be heading out for delivery in the New Year. So if you're somebody who'd like to grab a physical copy of this wonderful album - complete with an artbook featuring my artwork seen here - then follow the first link in this description to bandcamp!

Ah, Silent Dusk. Kinda odd to finish the project on her, but that's how things fell into place. Now I was not the first person to come up with a design for this Nightmarish corruption of Twilight Sparkle, not by a long shot, and I did not design Silent Dusk completely from scratch. I took great inspiration from (… mylittlepulmo's design of Silent Dusk, and used the design as a base for my own. It is only right I give credit right here for that fact.

There's a few things going on here that are references to songs in the album, including a metaphor/easter egg hidden in the image for sharp-eyed musicians. To talk about them would spoil the fun, so I'll leave that to you to discover!

Silent Dusk's mane at first didn't feel like it was going to work, but I'm very happy with the end result and glad I kept at it instead of trying something else. I felt that keeping Twilight's old mane as opposed to doing a wispy, smoky manestyle as seen with Nightmare Moon and Nightmarity would keep Silent Dusk tied closer to Twilight Sparkle. I did choose to keep the starry effect that Nightmare Moon's mane had, and expanded upon it to include its own ethereal effects and lighting within the mane and tail, hopefully creating something very unique and interesting in the process.

Faves, comments, shares and so on are much appreciated. Thanks so much for reading this far down and for taking the time to look at my artwork! Be sure to listen to the album too!
(Destiny) Distractions Only Lead Astray by Mattatatta
(Destiny) Distractions Only Lead Astray
Handwriting kills me.

One image remains until the artbook is ready to move onto the next stage of production. One image and it'll be a matter of time until the physical copies of <a wytiwyg="1"…">Destiny: A Tale of Unicorn Wings will be ready to be sent out to the patient (and late-arriving) fans looking to secure a copy of Heylasfas' greatest albums ever!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get through this. This image has been in the works for a very, very long time and at this moment in time I cannot tell if it is good or not. I've stared too long at this corridor to be able to know for sure that it has all been worth it. 

I tried to force my handwriting to look like something Pinkie Pie might use, but honestly I can't write in cursive, and I can barely write legibly any other way, so I'm sorry if I mucked it up.


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Mattatatta's residence in the vast world of the interweb is unknown, though it is theorised he has a hay pile in his metaphoric apartment in Tumblr. He often shares in Tumblr that that he frequently "hits the hay" at the early hours of the morning. It is unknown if this is actually a euphemism for something much more questionable or not.
Somewhere in his rapid, but limited scope of movements across the tubes, Mattatatta finds the time to write pony fanfiction, create pony fanart, and play a variety of games. If you see a Mattatatta on Team Fortress 2, he is most definitely not a spy. Unless it really is Mattatatta playing as a Spy, which is different.
Overall, Mattatatta is considered to be an introverted entity, living in an extroverted world. Without a Cutie Mark of his own, nopony knows what Mattatatta's true destiny is, but the pony doesn't mind. When the world he lives in cares more for his simple mug shot than a picture of his posterior, when his variety of minor talents bring him enough simple pleasures to sustain himself; this pony can afford to try anything his heart desires, and wait for his mark to finally appear.
The next chapter of the audio adaptation of Survivor Shy is out now! Finish Line and IMShadow007 created a wonderful instalment, and I hope you lot give it a listen! Be sure to check out the first chapter of the audiobook if you haven't already!

First chapter in case you missed it:…

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Equestria probably destroyed by megaspell
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But is not only Equestria,entire world is destroyed
When the story end when fluttershy find a reversed device ?
Mattatatta Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even after such a long hiatus, I'm tight lipped on spoilers. If and when I finish the story, you'll find out then. My plans are pretty grand and the obstacle I have is getting it down in black and white whenever real life isn't on my heels.
Khai2000 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Student Writer
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It is Alt Universe that breaks off from canon before Twilight becomes an Alicorn and a Princess. Nothing against Princess Twi, the story began during the Season 2 to 3 hiatus and so Twilight was written as still a Unicorn. It's a relatively minor detail though since everypony save for Fluttershy disappears in the beginning. Still I try to work with new canon information so that the Alt Universe is as close to the original one as possible.
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